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Inspire Happiness


What does it mean to inspire happiness? For Shawn, it encompasses five values:

  • Passion – If you’re not passionate about what you’re doing, why are you doing it? Passion is contagious. Embrace your passions and the people around you will be inspired.
  •  Integrity – Lead by example. Be consistent in your values, commit to the truth and do what’s right. People with high integrity and solid character are trustworthy. Even in difficult times, always maintain your integrity.
  •  Empowerment – Equip people with the tools, resources and self-confidence to make smart decisions. Empowering those around you to make decisions and take action is one of the most effective ways to inspire happiness.
  • Family – Family comes in all shapes and forms. Our loved ones at home are our family, but so are the people we spend countless hours with at work. Treat co-workers and business partners like family. Be empathetic. Care. Express gratitude and appreciation for their contributions to the “work family.”
  • Community – Whether you can donate one dollar or a million, giving back matters. Shawn and his wife are avid supporters of many local charities. They believe we all have a responsibility to help those in need – whether it’s helping a family make ends meet …or helping someone find the silver lining during a challenging time in their life.


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